BlossomHill Therapeutics, Inc. (BHT) is a structure-based drug design pharmaceutical company headquartered in San Diego, California.  BHT is focusing on developing cutting edge precision medicines for oncology and autoimmune application.  We are currently looking for highly motivated and talent cancer biologist to join our team to progress small molecular drug discovery programs. 

Position: Associate Scientists/Scientists, in vitro and in vivo Pharmacology (Job Code: B07302021)

As part of drug discovery and development team, the candidate will play important roles in our small molecule drug discovery programs and work in a matrixed environment with close collaborations with the team members in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, cell assay, in vivo study, and translational research. 

Tasks related to the position include but not limited to are:

  • For in vivo candidate: 
    • Conduct PK/PD/efficacy/tolerability studies in rodent models, interpret the data and MOA to support drug discovery and translational projects.
    • Perform routine procedures such as tumor implantation, dosing, bleeding, tissue collection, necropsy, monitoring animal health.
    • Work with CROs to manage the vivarium.
    • Perform tissue culture and Ex vivo assay.
  • For in vitro candidate: 
    • Involve in cancer biology and in vitro drug discovery including establishing assays and methods for small molecules compounds screening, exploring mechanism of actions (MOAs) and expanding applications for the selected candidate compounds.
  • Be capable to learn new techniques and conduct the studies according to project’s requirement.
  • Record, analyze and present data in research group meetings.
  • Perform general laboratory duties as required.


  • B.S. or M.S. with at least 3 years of in vitro or in vivo pharmacology experiences, preferably in a biotech or pharmaceutical industry setting.
  • For in vivo candidate:
    • hands-on in vivo skills including dosing (e.g. po, ip, sc, iv), sampling (e.g. submandibular, retro-orbital, saphenous vein, tail vein, cardiac bleeds; necropsy and organ/tumor harvest). 
    • Experience in subcutaneous xenograft model is required and experience in orthotopic model or small animal surgery is highly desired.
  • For in vitro candidate:
    • Proficiency in biology techniques, including ELISA and cell viability assays.
    • Experience in generating engineered and/or drug resistant cell lines is desired.
  • Experiences in cell culture and immunoblotting are required.
  • Experience of working on oncology and signaling transduction is preferred.
  • Be able to use Microsoft office and other software such as GraphPad Prism.
  • Be able to work independently, collaborate with other colleagues smoothly, work with manager to determine the priority, multitask and meet the deadline. 
  • Be able to stay focused on the priorities, manage time efficiently, be very organized. 
  • A team player, positive working attitude, good communication skill.

Competitive compensation based on experience.

Principals only. (No Recruiters please)