Eugene Y. Rui, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Chemistry

Eugene Rui, Ph.D., is senior vice president of chemistry at BlossomHill Therapeutics. Prior to joining BlossomHill, Dr. Rui was an associate research fellow in oncology chemistry design at Pfizer, La Jolla. During his nearly 25 years tenure at Pfizer, Dr. Rui had led numerous projects, designed and synthesized molecules to address unmet needs in the fields of oncology, antiviral and ophthalmology and contributed as a key designer to the delivery of four compounds (PF-0477736, PF-06821497, PF-06873600, PF-06939999) into clinical development. In addition, Dr. Rui received Pfizer’s La Jolla Discovery Innovation Award in 2006 for the design and synthesis of PF-04348733 for the CAI project.

Dr. Rui received his doctorate from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. He also received his Bachelor of Science in chemistry and Master of Science in organic chemistry from Peking University and worked for two years at the Chinese Academy of Sciences before moving to the United States to attend Purdue University. Dr. Rui is listed as an inventor on more than 20 US patents and coauthor of 28 peer-reviewed publications. In his spare time, Dr. Rui loves walking with his wife in their beautiful neighborhood and playing with their dog, Muffin.